Life in a College Town: MU student reminisces about college beginnings

Growing up I often heard people, especially high school teachers, making college out to be this scary life changing experience.  As a high school senior touring Mansfield for the first time, I can remember how mesmerized I was by its campus. My decision to enroll was made up before I even got the chance to eat lunch in Manser. Being in my junior year I think back to my awestruck days and only have one qualm with myself — I didn’t think to tour the town. Growing up in small town Sayre, I should have realized Mansfield was even smaller in size but I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t realize the surrounding town was as beautiful as it is until I moved here six months before moving on campus. I didn’t just fall in love with the university, I fell in love with a town and its people.

All the days leading up to my first day to move in, I was a wreck of nerves. All the chaotic thoughts I had — how to find my classes, would I make friends, were the classes going to be hard. On top of those concerns I worried about being away from home and how my absence was going to affect everyone. Within the first few days I realized how silly it was to have been so concerned.

It didn’t take long to adjust and realize that most of what I had heard growing up was just a massive scare tactic. So long as I kept a goal or standard for myself, I found classes to be nothing like I feared them to be. In fact, all the fears or worries I had ended up being irrational.

College is the last step many of us take before diving into the chaotic world without much direction and it can be a life changing experience.

College is not just about learning course based material there is a whole level of self-discovery that exists. Over the years I have come to truly know myself as a person including all my strengths and weaknesses.

I’m not a person who does very well in learning other languages and just the other day had to meet with my professor to discuss other methods for me to study. Realizing my weakness motivated me to ask for help.

College may be a massive learning curve but it’s not at all scary like we are fooled into believing as young kids.

The only advice I have for future generations is that they should tour their college town and set goals for themselves. College is a place where an open mind is the best thing to pack with you.

Lowman is a junior at Mansfield University, majoring in English professional writing and minoring in communications.