Writer’s Nook: Student Author of the Week

One day there was a duck. The duck laid eggs and protected them. Then that same day there was a dog. The duck asked the dog to guard the eggs while the duck left to see thy king the townspeople dare spoke of.

The dog being kind, promised to guard the eggs — and promises are powerful things, not to be treated as dirt. Then as the duck left, the dog protected the eggs with all his heart, soul and mind.

Then the dog saw a stick and a dog being a dog, was tempted and chased that stick, and was unaware that a sly fox stole the eggs and disappeared. When the duck got back it wept and wept, for the dog had not kept its promise — and promises are powerful things not to be treated as dirt.

Then, full of melancholy, the duck shamed the dog, then asked him, “Why did you not keep thy promise you dare spoke of?” The dog just said, “For temptation has stopped this promise.”

The dog was mortified and was banished from the kingdom of creatures — for promises are powerful things not to be treated as dirt.

Blas is a third grader at Donald E. Schick Elementary School.

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