Jersey Shore students inducted into NJHS

The Jersey Shore Area Middle School chapter of the National Junior Honor Society inducted 25 seventh graders and 11 eighth graders in June. The National Honor Society is an international organization founded on four pillar qualities: character, service, scholarship and leadership. These new members exemplify these pillar qualities; they excel both inside and outside of the classroom.

The seventh grade JNHS inductees were: Grace Bowers, Savannah Brion, Brynli Brungard, Ambria Confer, Connor Cornelius, Edward Dammer, Lily Dincher, Madelyn Gerst, Hadley Hager, Madison Hamilton, Natalie Hayes, Madelyn Hendricks, Cayden Hess, Sophia Kauffman, Jenna Kramer, Courtney Lehman, Emily Lehman, Saige Miller, Sarah Misquitta, Sara Pecchia, Hayden Rinker, Elizabeth Schall, Haley Shadle, Brandon Shrodo and Dustin Stoetzel.

The eighth grade JNHS inductees were: Arabella Fielder, Joseph Lorson, Halee McDonough, Benjamin Reynolds, Hannah Saar, Colin Samar, Lee Springman, Madison Wall, Taylor Watkins, Branden Wheary and Hannah Wool.