Consultant releases final report on state system review

MANSFIELD — The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS), which was hired to assist with the strategic review of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, provided the Board of Governors with its final report on Friday. The document includes additional information related to the recommendations that NCHEMS shared during the board meeting on July 12.

“While there is still a great deal of work to be done, both here at MU and across the State System, this report gets the process started in a positive direction,” Mansfield President Fran Hendricks said. “It removes the cloud of uncertainty we’ve been living under and allows us to move forward and focus on our mission, the success of our current and future students.”

“Chancellor Brogan and the Board of Governors have demonstrated real courage and leadership in choosing to undertake this system review–looking at every level of the organization and beyond,” NCHEMS President Sally Johnstone said. “They recognized that decades of mounting issues had to be addressed in a new way and have taken action to bring them to the forefront.”

NCHEMS provided a presentation of its overall recommendations during the July 12 Board of Governors meeting, which was webcast live. The final report provides greater detail about the consultant’s research process and additional rationale for each recommendation.

“To be clear, this report is not a criticism of board members, Chancellor Brogan, or any individuals,” Johnstone said. “Instead, it reflects our recommendations regarding the System’s outdated processes and governance roles, structures, and traditions that have amassed over years and years.”

“I think it’s important to recognize everyone who offered their support to this process,” Hendricks said. “Our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends came together to tell the Mansfield story and our voices were heard. I urge everyone to read the full report and to stay engaged as this process moves forward and to continue to support MU and its unique place in the Commonwealth and in the world.”

To view the full report, visit nchemsproject.­ com/system-review.