Williamsport rolls out new online menues for students

As students of Williamsport Area School District went back to school Aug. 28, they were greeted with a new way to see what’s for breakfast and lunch.

When it comes to getting important papers from school to home, young students are notorious for crumbling up things like school menus underneath everything in their backpacks.

New this school year, Williamsport Area School District has introduced Nutrislice, a free mobile app and website, to the schools in the district precisely to make it easier on both parents and students to keep track of what is on the menu from anywhere.

First presented to the Williamsport Area School Board in February, Nutrislice is a program offered by The Nutrition Group, WASD’s meal service provider. According to Mary Kay Bukeavich, Regional Manager for The Nutrition Group, interactive menu’s like Nutrislice offer a lot for the district.

“It’s a cost savings to the district because parents wouldn’t have to rely on paper menus,” Bukeavich said. “You can see it anywhere. Thats the way of the future, it’s just easy to access.”

Along with being easier to access, the interactive app allows users to see what is available for breakfast and lunch, view photos of the meals being offered with their nutritional values and allows users the ability to rate the foods that they like or dislike.

“For students with allergies or students that have other disabilities like diabetes, this is a great tool for them because they will be able to get carb counts,” Bukeavich said. “This will be very helpful for nurses in the district because for those students who rely on getting carb counts for their medication, this is going to be huge.”

For those with allergies, the app has a built in method to filter out any ingredient a student may be allergic to.

“Say they are allergic to peanuts or peanut butter. It will take away all of the items with peanuts in them so they know they cannot have them,” Bukeavich said, who also added that the app will also tell if something is gluten free or not.

The website for the online menu is wasd.nutrislice.com and the app is available through either the iTunes App Store for iPhone users or on Google Play for Android smartphones.