Drama students attend local workshop

PHOTO PROVIDED Drama students practice in black box. Shown, from left, are Annika Waffenschmidt, Levi Roush, Melony Crissman, Mariah Wright and Katie Guyer.

Williamsport drama students attend a community acting workshop at the Community Theater League Oct. 27. schools all around the area will participate in the workshop.

Throughout the course of the day, students participated in five theater-related classes to help expand their knowledge and skills.

Senior Levi Roush attended for the third time this year. “I feel very fortunate considering that some schools don’t even have a drama program. Not only do we have a drama program at the school, but we have this opportunity to participate in drama beyond our school,” Roush said.

Some of the sessions offered included singing techniques, how to apply realistic stage makeup, speaking lines with a realistic accent and auditioning with confidence. Sophomore Erin Reilly was excited about the stage combat session she attended.

Students also had the option to attend a session about dancing on stage that Reilly will attend. “It’s more than just remembering the steps,” she said. “Spatially recognizing where others are on the stage while remembering the steps, that we just learned that day, can be challenging. The best part is that all students who take the workshop will perform the dance they learned at the end of the day for everyone else.”