Is high school as fun as it once was?

When I was in middle school getting ready to become a freshman, I pictured high school as an amazing experience.

I imagined class hallways decorated with blue and gold streamers on game days, lockers stamped with posters about upcoming events, and previews of musicals and band concerts that draw your attention to the arts at Montoursville.

I imagined an overall fun and freeing atmosphere to learn and socialize.

When I got to freshman year, however, this was not the case.

When I asked alumni from the 1980s and early 90s what attending Montoursville High School was like when they attended, they each stated that it was a fun experience in their lives. There were pep rallies on Fridays, hallways were filled with school pride, and the atmosphere was genuinely happy.

Most people who are in high school or have experienced high school have probably experienced seeing these assemblies as not only culturing our students, but also drawing more attention to the actual shows. Our current curriculum, however, sees these as distractions and strictly after-school events.

I’m not trying to put anybody on blast, but there does need to be change. Students need to be taught culture at Montoursville via school play previews, we need pep rallies and school pride in the hallways so that we can feel proud of the school we attend.

There is nothing wrong with having more assemblies like the talent show, where the students can showcase their plays and talents. The reason this could be so beneficial is pretty simple. Not only are Montoursville students exposed to culture, but it also will bring in more revenue as students will be more drawn to attend the performances.

Pep rallies need to be re-implemented based on the fact they boost morale, and are overall an important high school experience. A Battle of the Bridge pep rally would be a great way to get students and our football team excited to annihilate the Lancers.

Montoursville has been known as a great high school for generations. Our academic success, considering our school size, is absolutely amazing, and it’s a shame we don’t have more fun activities to bolster our great students.

The fact is, we can make our test scores even better with some tiny changes to our scheduling.

Studies show that with a good amount of breaks and more arts and entertainment implemented in the school year, students not only get better grades, but behave better as well.

Homeroom is something that would be extremely beneficial to students and staff. This addition would basically be a 30 minute study hall in the morning. There used to be a homeroom every day, but some believed it wasted time for academics, and was a time for procrastinators to do their homework. This belief couldn’t be more wrong.

Homeroom would be beneficial to students because it actually gives us time to wake up. Instead of teachers practically putting their bags down and turning around to teach off the bat, they can get time to prepare lessons, and get mentally prepared to take on the day.

These ideas that I have brought up may be hard to actually accomplish, but the students are the majority. If there is enough interest in bringing at least some of these ideas to MAHS, we need to take action. As the students, we have a voice to bring change to the school we attend for four years.

The students are the majority of the school and can play a huge role if change is wanted enough.

To start with, we need pep rallies, and possibly have homeroom in the mornings. There needs to be a lot of big interest in these ideas.

To display this interest, we can all sign a petition which will be passed around the halls, class to class in an attempt to make high school not only more fun, but higher in academic success.

The proof is there, the common sense is there, the evidence has been shown throughout an abundance of studies. More fun equals better morale and more academic success and student achievement.

If you want students to learn, you need inspired to get up in the morning to come to class happy and ready to learn. It’s up to us if we want this change.

So what will it be, Montoursville students? Will we come in to class at 8:15 a.m. and start learning important material off the bat? Will we keep going through the same routine day in and day out with no assemblies to boost school spirit and morale? Or will we be the ones that make Montoursville more memorable, fun, and envied across the area?

The choice is yours, students.