James V. Brown Library seeks tutors at The Learning Center

Make a difference in someone’s life at The Learning Center. Volunteer to help someone achieve a long-awaited personal goal of getting their high school equivalency degree that they set aside to raise a family, or to get a job to survive or to manage a personal struggle. Another person may finally be ready to improve reading or math skills to move toward getting a high school equivalency diploma. For someone else, it may be to obtain the education necessary to transition to post secondary education, or enter or advance in the workforce. For others, it is about making a better life for them and-or their families, and to make their families proud. Regardless of the reason, adults are making the commitment to better their education at The Learning Center.

How do you become a volunteer tutor? We invite you to participate in a tutor development workshop designed to acquaint you with the materials and resources that we have available for tutoring. We discuss particular learning strategies, tips and techniques that can be utilized. Tutors must have a high school or an equivalency diploma. The tutoring program is flexible because tutoring occurs at a mutually convenient time and location for both the tutor and learner.

A former student says that The Learning Center has “a great program for people. It has been very helpful and offers a wide range of services for people. It not only offers help with education, but also helps with personal issues. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without The Learning Center.” Another student said, “I appreciate coming …. because it helps me get refreshed on things I have not done in a long time. It helps me to not struggle on things when I was trying to do them on my own.” Other students say, “The GED classes have been vital in furthering my education,” and “I like the GED class here because it has a great work environment … I can learn things easier here than I could in public school.”

Classes are available from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Registration for the class is not required; however, it is recommended to schedule a meeting time with a staff person prior to attending. For individuals who are unable to attend scheduled class times due to work or other conflicts, The Learning Center offers one-on-one tutoring for high school equivalency preparation. Virginia Hoover, tutor coordinator, is available to pair students with tutors who work with students on an individual basis. To make an appointment or to learn more about adult education classes, contact Linda Herr at 570-326-0536 extension 151. To volunteer to be a tutor or to talk to someone about being tutored, contact Virginia Hoover at 570-326-0536 ext. 159.