Middle school students resolve to improve in 2018

MIKE REUTHER/Sun-Gazette Eighth grade students of Lisa Walters’ English class at Williamsport Area Middle School recently sat down to share some of their New Year’s resolutions with the Sun-Gazette.



They have goals that include becoming a better person or improving upon a skill.

And what better way to focus upon improvement than to make it part of a New Year’s resolution?

Eighth grade students, each of them members of Lisa Walters’ English class at Williamsport Area Middle School, shared some of their resolutions with the Sun-Gazette.

Blake Forke wants to become a better football player.

“Football is my dream,” he said.

He said he usually makes resolutions and is able to keep them too.

Ava Boor said she will devote 2018 to making new friends.

It’s part of avoiding becoming anti-social, she said.

Boor doesn’t always make resolutions, but when she does is usually able to stick with them.

Destiny Gilbert has a New Year’s resolution too.

“I want to stop dealing with negativity and stop getting involved in so much drama,” she said.

She said she wants to be a role model to others.

She too has made resolutions in the past and is able to stick to them as long “as long as I put effort into it.”

Charlie Lundy wants to continue attaining good grades and being nice to people.

He’d really like to be at the top of his class.

“I always make a resolution of being on the honor roll,” he said.

He thinks it’s a resolution he’ll be able to keep in 2018 too.

Kydree Burks likes to play baseball, but also better his game.

His resolution?

“To bat .350 or above in my freshman year of West End Babe Ruth,” he said.

Every year, he said, he makes a baseball resolution of some kind.

He also wants to avoid negative conflict.

“A lot of people come to me with conflicts, and I just want to avoid it,” he said.