Regular-sized marathons are time-consuming, tedious and require massive levels of physical fitness in order to even compete.

If doing a whole marathon seems daunting, maybe a Mini-Thon would be more your cup of tea. In fact, Mini-Thons don’t even involve any running at all.

Instead, it’s a multi-hour dance marathon.

On Feb. 23, 2018, Montoursville’s Key Club is hosting a Mini-Thon sponsored by Four Diamonds, an organization based out of The Pennsylvania State University that addresses and helps those who have been affected by childhood cancer.

The Montoursville High School Mini-Thon is being organized and run by senior Danae Roles, who is an avid dancer herself, with the support of our local Key Club. Money raised by the Mini-Thon will help go to fund research and support victims of a wide variety of childhood cancers.

Mini-Thons are modeled after the annual Penn State Dance Marathon, which has itself raised millions of dollars to help those affected by childhood cancer.

Many schools in and around the State College area have started their own local Mini-Thons, including some in New Jersey and New York.

Unlike the Penn State Dance Marathon, which can run for 46 hours straight, Mini-Thons are much tamer in comparison, generally only lasting for just a few hours.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be good at dancing, all are welcome to attend and help the fight against childhood cancer.