Jersey Shore’s CTE student of the month

Jersey Shore’s CTE student of the month

JERSEY SHORE — This month’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) student of the month is Kristopher Zinck, 12th grade. He is part of the culinary arts Career and Technical Education program at Jersey Shore Area Senior High School.

“I’ve always been in the kitchen my whole life cooking and baking,” he said. “Once high school hit I really got interested into the whole field.”

He loves to experiment with foods that taste good together. Over his high school career he has taken numerous culinary arts classes. These classes include Intro to Food Prep, Advanced Food Prep, CTE Culinary 1 and CTE Culinary 2.

He enjoys taking culinary arts because it lets him experience how a real life kitchen is run and see different methods on how to run a successful restaurant. He loves the culinary field and all it has to offer. The most satisfying part for him is working with other people on a cooking lab and getting to taste the finished meal.

“When people hear culinary, they immediately think of their fancy dinner,” Zinck said, “but in reality there are many other fields in culinary such as pastry arts, fine dining arts, wine arts, chocolate arts and many more.”

The CTE Culinary class has taught him a lot of things.

“In the CTE Culinary class we learn about knife skills in the very beginning to get us used to using our main tools so we can get onto the fun stuff,” he said. “Then, we go over cooking methods so we know multiple ways to prepare one meat or vegetable, which is very beneficial because pan fried chicken gets old after a while.”

He said that he does plan to continue in this field through college. He plans on attending either Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport for culinary arts or Culinary Institute of America in New York for pastry arts. After college, he plans to do this as a career.

“If you ask any of my friends, they will tell you I am either always making food or talking about what I can make for a meal,” he said.

He loves culinary arts and wants to make a career out of it.

Noah Whitesell is an advanced journalism student and editor of The Paw Print, the student newspaper at Jersey Shore Area Senior High School.