Without a Cue

Without A Cue is Williamsport High Area School’s improvisation troupe. Their shows consist of an array of improvisational activities including things such as group pantomime and activities like as “Hitchhiker,” “Freeze” and “Lines on the Floor.”

Improvisation requires quick-thinking and wittiness on the part of the actors. For example, in the activity called “Freeze,” a member off stage yells “Freeze!” and then takes the place of one of the actors on stage. Then he/she starts a new scene and the other actors “unfreeze” and join the scene.

“My favorite activity is ‘Lines on the Floor’ where during a scene, we pick up a piece of paper with a totally random sentence written on it,” explained Quahme’ Powell.

“Our scene could be about one thing and the sentence we read could be something completely different, yet we have to make it work.” Powell explained. “It’s so much fun because it’s interesting to see what sentences we get and how we are going to make them work with the scene.”

Recently, the troupe performed at Curtin Middle School. The event was organized in an effort to both entertain some of the younger students, but also showcase some of the opportunities available at the high school.

“I felt like we really left an impression on the kids to be creative and not be afraid to get up and do something in front of your friends,” Leo Daverio said. “Performing for the kids was a great experience, and I felt that we gave them a really great and memorable time.”

Most recently, the troupe performed on the CAC stage before the annual Christmas Spectacular. Without A Cue provided comedic entertainment as the crowd made their way to their seats before the Christmas Spectacular.

“It was a great way for us to get some publicity,” explained Levi Roush. “It is always an honor to perform on the CAC stage and we always have fun.”

Since Without A Cue is an improvisation troupe, their shows are never scripted. Each performance is a surprise to both the audience and the actors.

“In our performance at the CAC, we had participation from some little kids,” continued Levi. “It always adds to our performances when our audiences get involved in the fun with us.”

Without A Cue’s next show is scheduled for 7 p.m. Dec. 21 in the Black Box Theatre.

“I’m really excited for the next show, and I hope we can get everyone in a happy, joyful mood before Christmas!” stated Daverio.