High school art students participate in elements show

In the fall the Williamsport Area High School art department began their part in a district wide project focusing on diversity.

To go along with the art curriculum in the classroom, each student was assigned an element of art, including line, shape, space, value, form, texture and color, and created a piece of art on a square shaped paper that focused on their selected element.

“I was given the element of lines, so I made a drawing that emphasized the different types of lines in art,” said junior Jacob Clements.

Over 600 tiles created by Williamsport area art students in kindergarten through 12th grade were displayed in an exhibit at the District Service Center. The project was a way to show the diversity within the students in the district’s art programs, and how all of the students become one in the school district.

Senior Hailey Haefner said, “It was so cool seeing how all of our own little projects can become one big beautiful piece.”

The art program at Williamsport Area High School hopes to do more interactive projects like this one, and show the community more of what students work on as well as how art can be incorporated into the daily lives of its students.

“In the Williamsport Area School District, we are fortunate enough to have a collaborative and cohesive K-12 visual arts team,” explained art teacher Mrs. McDonough-Varner. “District wide exhibitions such as the Elements Show illustrate our students’ knowledge of the building blocks of art and design.”