Students and positive behavior

Students and positive behavior

School wide positivity is something that Williamsport Area High School holds to a high standard. So much so that the school wide Positive Behavior Committee recently asked a group of students to come together to speak about ways the school can continue to encourage, reward and enforce school wide positivity.

The committee, made up of teachers and administrators, and the student advisory board held their first meeting two weeks ago. During the meeting, students were asked to write about things the school can do to improve student participation and good behavior.

“I had a really positive experience. Everyone was constructive in trying to make our school a better place and get kids more involved,” said senior JR Confair.

During the meeting, students were specifically asked by 10th grade principal Mrs. Takach to write down events or prizes that could be included in the annual White Outs at sporting events.

Some suggestions included a foul shot competition, an obstacle course and a t-shirt cannon.

One idea in particular was taken into consideration and offered at the most recent basketball game between the high school boys’ basketball team and Loyalsock’s boys’ basketball team.

At halftime, students were brought down on the court and given the chance to make a foul shot. Gift cards to places like Dunkin Donuts and T.J.Maxx were given to students who made the shot.

“Being in the student section was a great experience to show school spirit while having fun with my friends. I got to participate in the foul shot contest at halftime where I even won a gift card. The events get students involved, and then the ones who weren’t involved at this White Out can look forward to being involved in the next one, which helps to get bigger crowds,” said junior Kalindi Maggs.