Students to participate in SkillsUSA Competition

Williamsport Area High School will be sending 18 students from the collective CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs to compete in the Pennsylvania SkillsUSA Competition on Friday. Students compete in various events such as conducting job interviews, creating advertisement designs and commercial baking.

Each program, from culinary to engineering to early childhood development, has its own set of events and criteria for students

Senior Alex Hepler, who will represent the early childhood education program, said, “I’m very excited to compete and show my skills, and see the other schools and people who share my interests.”

Senior Jenna Whitford said, “I’m very glad to be chosen to compete and show my skills.”

Some components of the competition are more knowledge-based. Marti Fisher, who plans to compete in the Health Occupations Knowledge Bowl, stated, “I think these competitions are a great way for students to show off their knowledge of something they love.”

Overall, the SkillsUSA Competition encourages students to work hard in order to be most competitive at this regional event.