Association of School Business elects business manager from Southern Tioga School District

The PA Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) announced its 2019-20 election results during the 64th Annual Conference and Exhibits in Hershey. Kathy Ciaciulli, PCSBA, business manager/board secretary for Southern Tioga School District was elected to the Board of Directors as one of four newly elected representatives.

Ciaciulli has been an administrator at the Southern Tioga School District for the past six years and has served in the field of education management for 12 years. In addition to now serving on the Board, Ciaciulli has also served on the Human Resources Committee and as the chair of the Legislative Committee for PASBO.

PASBO members wishing to serve on the Board of Directors do so without compensation from PASBO and in addition to fulfilling the obligations of their regular school employment. Ciaciulli will begin her three-year term on July 1.