Students prepped for recent Keystones and AP exams

Students in Williamsport Area High School have prepared all year in their classes to take the recent literature, biology and algebra Keystone Exams.

When students arrived in their testing rooms, there were postcards waiting for them that the teachers had written for each student.

“Mr. Smith’s card was pretty cheerful and his kind words of encouragement made me smile,” said Cate Chandler, sophomore. “I felt pretty prepared for the test, and Mrs. Fowler’s card really encouraged me and made me feel more confident,” said Lenora Ciabattari, sophomore.

The students learned a lot of material in their classes this year. Some even attended “Butler BootCamp,” a study session held annually by Mrs. Butler before the biology Keystone Exam.

While some students were taking Keystone exams, others were taking AP Exams as well. Part of the NMSI grant this year paid for any students’ math, science and English exam.


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