Hospital upgrades CT scanner to cause less radiation exposure

In an effort to provide continued imaging improvement, Jersey Shore Hospital recently upgraded the hospital’s CT scanner to provide less radiation exposure to patients.

The GE VCT scanner at Jersey Shore Hospital now uses a product called ASiR (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction), one of the newest and most innovative GE products. The technology significantly reduces radiation dose to patients, while still maintaining excellent image quality and detail.

The machine now can provide as much as a 40-percent radiation dose reduction as compared to other CT models.

Typically, other methods for radiation dose reduction in CT can cause an increase in noise and image deterioration. But GE’s industry-breakthrough ASiR product solves this by subtracting noise altogether, not merely masking it. As a result, patient dose is reduced without compromising image quality.

Jersey Shore Hospital is proud to offer this new technology to the community.

“Being able to offer a significant reduction in radiation exposure while not affecting image quality is a big advantage for both our patients and our physicians,” said Edward Sowul, radiology director. “It’s really quite amazing how significant the benefits are from this new technology.”

Jersey Shore Hospital is accredited in computed tomography (CT scan) by the American College of Radiology and continues to provide advanced, personalized health care within reach. Appointments are available through primary physicians or by calling 398-5165.