Getting results from Insanity workouts


Week two of my Insanity workouts were very similar to week one. The same workouts were done, only in a different order.

I guess the workouts get switched up so you’re not working the same exact muscles every day. It also would get pretty boring doing the same thing every day.

Over the past two weeks, I have learned a few things about myself and the workouts. I absolutely hate “high knees.”

This is when you run in place but bring your knees up as high as possible and you do this as quickly as you can. For some reason, this move just really doesn’t work well with me.

Another thing I’ve noticed is my huge lack of upper body strength.

I did some triceps work and barely could do any of it. I also think I pulled a triceps muscle while doing some of the moves too.

Pulled muscles are a real threat when you workout – especially with intense workouts, such as Insanity.

Stretching before and after a workout is very important and is done before and after every workout on the Insanity DVDs.

By Thursday this week (day 12) I really started to feel a difference in my workout progress and started to feel a lot stronger.

I felt like I had better endurance, something I really wanted to work on improving. It really will help me out as an athlete.

I didn’t stop during the first round of warm ups this day – something I have done every day up to this point. I only stopped for a second or two for a total of maybe two or three times during all three rounds of the warm up.

Although there still wasn’t much change with my weight loss again this week – I’m still hovering around the two or three pound mark – I did see a difference in a few of my body measurements. I take measurements at the end of each week to record my progress.

My calf actually gained a 1/2-inch with all of the jumping and strength work the workouts provide.

I also lost a total of 4 more inches overall in other areas of my body. It’s not really enough of a loss for me or anyone else to notice, but seeing the numbers finally change is encouraging and motivating.

So, my goals for week three are the same as week two. Push a little harder during the workouts and hope to see more of an improvement in endurance and strength and then, hopefully, see some more physical results as the weeks go by.

I know if I keep pushing along, they will come.

Reppert is the Sun-Gazette lifestyle editor.