Insanity week 3 — pushing through the pain

After completing week three of the Insanity workout, I still have yet to see any significant visible changes to my body.

This week I still haven’t lost any more weight, but I have lost another 1 1/2 inches on various body parts. That brings my total inch loss to 5 1/2 inches. The only body part I haven’t lost at least 1/2-inch on are my thighs. What’s the deal?

This is about the time, when on other diets and workouts, where I start to get bored, get lazy with food options and also begin the end of my run with it all. But not this time – I’m pushing through.

In the beginning of the week, my knees and ankles really started to bother me. I was afraid of this, with all of the jumping I’ve been doing. My knees really aren’t in the best of shape and haven’t been for years. It comes from many years of playing sports such as basketball, track (I was a long and high jumper at a measly 5 foot 1 inches tall), soccer, softball – and of course, roller derby does quite a number on the knees and other parts of me as well.

I also twisted my ankle a bit while jumping around. I’ve always had weak ankles. Every start of the softball season, I would twist my ankle rounding second base and have a swollen, bruised ankle for a week or two. This time it was further aggravated by derby practice, but the bruise went away in a day and the pain was gone quickly.

So, I pushed through the uncomfortableness and continued with my workouts, hoping it would all work itself out. I still was able to continue to push myself and did pretty well with keeping up with each workout.

I also decided to do a little research on others’ results. I was curious as to what other people who have gone through the workouts thought about the program and also wanted to hear about their results, considering mine have not been what I had thought they were going to be so far.

In each online forum I visited where Insanity-goers were posting, it seemed that many were asking the same question that I had. Why have I not lost weight? Or why am I not seeing better results?

Very few people said they saw any significant weight or inch loss in the first few weeks to a month of the workouts. Most people were in the same boat as me.

But the responses from those who have completed it, or those who are in month two gave me a little bit of hope. They said many people don’t see much of a change in the first month – it is month two where the noticeable changes occur.

So now, I wait. I push through these next two weeks to get to those dreaded month two workouts. I say two weeks because I have one week left in the first month’s workouts – then between month one and two is my “recovery week.”

This week is one full week of the same workout each day. I suppose this is meant to help my body recover from the intense previous month of insane workouts, while still exercising and also prepare me for the next month. I have no idea how intense the recovery week’s workouts will be, but it sounds as though they will be doable. It’s month two that I’m fearing.

I’m just going to take it one day and one workout at a time. It’s gotten me this far.

Reppert is the Sun-Gazette lifestyle editor.