Insanity week 6

So I made it to month two of the Insanity workouts and I can’t believe I’ve survived the week.

Wow are these workouts crazy! Not only are they harder, but they are faster, longer too.

The workout times went from about 30 to 40 minutes to 50 to 60 minutes, with less breaks or periods of a slower pace. It seems as though everything is in hyper speed.

My shoulder still was hurting me this week, so I couldn’t do push-ups very well at all. This also was my fit test week again – the third time I’ve done the test.

If you don’t remember what the fit test is, it is a series of different types of exercises that you do one at a time.

You perform each exercise for 1 minute, trying to get as many repetitions in as you can in that time frame.

Each time you do the fit test, it is encouraged to try to get at least one more than you did last time.

Last fit test I remember thinking, “there is no way I’ll ever be able to get better scores than I did this time.”

But guess what? I totally surprised myself by getting more repetitions in on every single exercise. I was so impressed with my results. I really pushed myself – before each exercise I got the number in my head from last time to beat and just pushed and pushed to get more.

I did the test first, then went to roller derby practice for two hours and then came back to my workout. Needless to say I was a bit tired after all of that.

Monday’s workout was max interval plyo. All the month two workouts start with the word “max” to remind you that these workouts are even harder than those of month one.

There was so much shoulder work during this workout, which made me really upset, considering my shoulder situation.

There were different types of crazy new push-ups I’ve never seen before and wasn’t able to do. Probably not only because of my injury, but because of my massive lack of upper body strength.

On Wednesday this week I reinjured my shoulder and my left knee at derby practice, which already is my “bad knee.”

On Thursday, not only was I still hurt from practice, but I ended up working late and was very tired on top of it all, so I decided to use Thursday as my rest day and do a workout on Saturday instead (my usual rest day).

Then on Friday, I started to see what I call “squiggle-vision” right before my workout, which basically is the start of a migraine headache for me, but I did my workout anyway and got through it.

On Saturday, my shoulder was feeling pretty good and I was able to do some awesome push-ups.

Push-ups are done so fast in these workouts and I was able to keep up for at least one full set of 16 and part of the next set. I would take a few rests and get back into it.

A set of 16 push-ups might not sound like too much to some of you, but for me, at the speed I did them, was a huge accomplishment. Especially on top of all of the other shoulder and cardio work I did before them. So, I was impressed and pleased with myself and my progress so far.

As for weight, it remains the same and I lost another total of almost 5 more inches overall.

Good progress for my first week of month two.

Reppert is the Sun-Gazette Lifestyle and Education editor.