Insanity workout — obstacles and injuries

Week seven of the Insanity workout challenge wasn’t much different than week six. I was getting used to the intensified workouts and not doing too badly with them.

I could tell I was learning the new workout moves and was able to keep up a little better this week – but still needed breaks throughout the workouts. I also was drinking more water during my routines too.

My shoulder was still bothering me, so again, I modified my workouts by doing fewer pushups and different moves so that I was still moving and doing something instead of just resting during parts of the workout I was unable to do.

Because I worked late, I had to do my workout after the 11 p.m. quiet hours in my apartment building – I hope I didn’t bother my neighbors.

I often wish I could do my workouts in a gym like the people in the video. The floors are solid in a gym or even a garage, and I wouldn’t sound like an elephant coming through the floor and rattling the windows and lamps in my apartment. I guess it’s a good thing I live on the first floor.

Another obstacle I face working out at home are my pets. I have four cats and they like to come in and out of the room while I’m working out.

Sometimes I almost step on them because they sneak through at the wrong times when I’m hopping around. Then they like to rub all around me and weave between my legs and arms when I’m stretching, getting their fur all over me.

Following this week’s workouts, I am around the same weight, but lost a few more inches. The same progress as I’ve been having the entire time so far.

On Thursday, I did my workout and went to derby practice. It was a pretty intense practice because we were scrimmaging to prepare for a bout that weekend in Elmira, N.Y. I fell, as you normally may in a scrimmage, nothing major – or so I thought. Until I woke up on Friday morning and could not bend my right knee.

I had fallen on it so hard that it was a little bruised and swollen and it hurt to bend it or straighten it out all the way. I had a terrible time getting up the stairs to work that morning. By the end of the day, it hurt so badly that I decided to do something I had not done in years – go see a doctor.

So, I went to the doctor after work that Friday and after he examined me, he had me get six X-rays. Three on my left shoulder and three on my right knee (which isn’t even my “bad” knee, by the way. I already wear a knee brace on my left knee).

It was determined that I have a strained rotator cuff and bursitis in my knee, and I was told to rest for a few weeks until I heal. I’m glad nothing was torn or fractured, but this means no derby and no Insanity for a while. I couldn’t do my workout, so I didn’t finish the week-seven workouts. I was one day short. I also couldn’t play in my derby bout that Saturday.

So, I’m going to rest up for a few weeks and I plan to pick Insanity back up and finish it out if I can. I don’t want to make any injuries worse, which I probably already had been doing, so I will wait until I feel healed enough to get back into any major physical activity.

I’m pretty bummed about the whole thing, but I have to take a break and make sure I heal this time before jumping right back into things.

After talking with my derby coach, who scolded me for doing Insanity and derby at the same time, I think I would probably recommend that if you take on the Insanity challenge, maybe make that the only major physical activity that you do at that time.

I think by playing derby at the same time intensified the strain on my muscles and entire body, making me more susceptible to injuries.

I already was tired from my workouts before I went to practice, and then my tired muscles made it easier for me to get injured. Then the pushups and jumping of my workouts made my injuries worse, when I should have been resting and healing.

So, if you do the Insanity workout, try to avoid any other regular major physical activity until you complete the workouts.

Reppert is the Sun-Gazette Lifestyle and Education editor.