New safer way to get people back on their feet

LEWISBURG – Evangelical Community Hospital welcomed a new piece of equipment.

And not just any piece of equipment; a device that allows patients freedom in a safe environment to regain muscle strength, balance and coordination.

The Lite-Gait training device simultaneously controls weight bearing, posture, and balance and allows physical therapists to provide therapy in a controlled setting.

Its harness design can be used over a floor surface or slid over a treadmill to help individuals concentrate on exercises while knowing they are in a secure environment that won’t allow them to fall.

Demonstrations on how the device works will be held at Evangelical’s Wellness Expo from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. September 14 in the Evangelical Fitness Center at 210 JPM Road.

“When patients feel safe they can concentrate on the techniques and details of exercises that help them build muscle strength and endurance,” said Carey Napp, a therapist at Evangelical.

An example was Mary Jane Ebright, of Lewisburg, who has been using the Lite-Gait during therapy sessions to help regain the balance and strength she lost when she suffered a stroke in April..

“When I came to Evangelical, I was wheelchair-bound,” she said. “Evangelical’s physical therapy team, along with the Lite-Gait have gotten me back to being able to walk with the help of a walker and built up my stamina so I can do things I took for granted, like being able to walk … the aisles at the grocery store.”

The staff uses the equipment to assist patients who are adjusting to prosthesis use, have spinal cord and head injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke and other neurological diseases.