Dr. Ralph Kaiser named 2013 Outstanding Primary Care Clinician

The Board of Directors and Staff of Susquehanna Community Health and Dental Center are pleased to announce that Dr. Ralph Kaiser, pediatrician and medical director, was named the 2013 Outstanding Primary Care Clinician by the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers in Lancaster on Oct. 9 during the APEX Awards luncheon.

The 2013 Outstanding Primary Care Clinician Award is presented to an individual or team, whose work has made a significant contribution in the delivery of primary care to vulnerable populations.

Kaiser exceeded in the following criteria:

Improves primary care delivery through originality, creativity, and quality

Exemplifies and inspires passion for primary care excellence across clinical disciplines,

Is respected by peers and others for clinical excellence and leadership

Has had a significant impact on improving patient outcomes.

The center’s CEO, Ellen Krajewski, compiled the nomination, siting achievements in patient care and quality improvement as quality director, health professions teaching and mentoring as pediatric coordinator of The Commonwealth Medical College’s Williamsport clinical campus and preceptor with numerous other health professions institutions.

Kaiser also has led the staff in effective development and use of an electronic medical record that benefits patients.