Doctor collects $5,000 worth of medical supplies for developing areas of world

DANVILLE – Dr. Amitpal Singh Johal, director of endoscopy at Geisinger Medical Center, organized the donation of about $5,000 worth of unused expired endoscopy supplies to Project C.U.R.E., an organization that shares donated supplies with hospitals in developing areas of the world.

“In ordinary cases, supplies such as those we are donating to Project C.U.R.E. would go unused and get discarded in our hospital,” said Johal. “With so many people suffering unnecessarily around the world due to inadequate medical supplies being readily available, it only made sense to us to donate these supplies to improve the lives of those who are not as fortunate as we in the United States are.”

Johal has made two donations thus far to Project C.U.R.E. with plans for additional donations as supplies allow. His donation includes esophageal stents for people with esophageal tumors or blockages in the esophagus that prevent them from eating normally, pancreatic stents for pancreatic blockages and cytology brushes, which are used to sample tumors and other abnormalities.

Project C.U.R.E. has been an industry leader in developing new ways to allow the organization to provide the highest quality donated medical supplies and equipment possible to resource-limited communities across the globe, including efficient and accurate inventory systems through supply chain management, expert management of logistics, and strong in-country relationships.

Since its founding in 1987, Project C.U.R.E. has reached patients, families and children in 130 countries.