Susquehanna Health honors nurses with DAISY Awards

Three Susquehanna Health nurses were recently recognized as recipients of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

Donna Knouse, a nurse with the Susquehanna Health Cancer Center, was selected for recognition after being nominated by a coworker.

The co-worker said, “Donna is often one of the last people to leave the Cancer Center at the end of the day. One time in particular, she stayed after the office closed to assist with calling in a patient’s prescriptions on a Friday so that the patient would not have to wait until Monday to receive his medication. Donna is always putting the needs of others first and she will take whatever time she can and set it aside to assist anyone needing her help. Donna is a valuable member of the Cancer Center team and it is always a pleasure for patients and coworkers to interact with her.”

Diann Fischer, nurse with Williamsport Regional Medical Center’s Progressive Care Unit, was selected after being nominated by a patient’s family.

According to the family, “From the moment that our loved one was admitted into Diann’s care until the moment he was discharged, Diann went above and beyond the call of duty to provide extraordinary care to both our loved one and our family. Although he was often non-coherent, she listened to every request, acted upon every need and spoke directly to him as though nothing was out of the ordinary. She treated me and the other family members with respect, dignity and compassion and would take time to answer all our questions. Diann may have only been doing her job, but in doing so she touched all of our lives. She is an exceptional example of a caregiver and we could never thank her enough.”

Meredith Walton, nurse with Muncy Valley Hospital’s Medical/Surgical Unit, was selected after being nominated by a patient.

The patient said, “When I was in Meredith’s care I was at a very low point in my recovery. She worked with me and gave me the hope and reassurance that I needed in order to make myself better. Whenever I needed anything, Meredith was there. She was very knowledgeable about all aspects of my care and was able to explain everything in a clear manner. Meredith is a great nurse and really knows how to ease the anxiety and fear that many people experience when they are in the hospital.”

A nurse from each Lycoming County Susquehanna Health campus is selected every quarter. Anyone may nominate a nurse for a DAISY award – a coworker, patient, patient’s family or physician. Nomination forms are available at nursing stations and