Evangelical offering medication reviews

It is recommended that individuals, especially those with multiple conditions requiring numerous medications, get a “medication check-up” at least once a year.

Evangelical Community Health and Wellness Center will be holding a brown bag medication review at several adult resource/senior centers throughout the area. Alan Griswold, registered pharmacist of Evangelical Community Hospital, will be conducting one-on-one meetings with individuals to look closely at prescribed medications combined with over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal remedies to determine whether all are needed or if there is the potential for drug interactions or if dosage adjustments are required.

Individuals taking part in the review should bring all prescribed medications, over-the-counter medications taken on a regular basis, vitamins, and supplements and be prepared to talk about medication taking habits or concerns about medications.

The medication reviews are being held at the following locations in May from 9:15 am until noon:

Friday at the Penns Creek Adult Resource Center, 3551 Richard Road, Penns Creek.

May 6 at the Selinsgrove Senior Center, 8 N. Water St., Selinsgrove.

May 22 at the Lewisburg Senior Center, 116 N. Second St., Lewisburg.

This event, done in partnership with the Union-Snyder Agency on Aging, Inc., will include a general question and answer session to talk about the various drug interactions people live with every day.

To register for an appointment at one of the locations, call the Evangelical Community Health and Wellness Center at 570-768-3200.