Montoursville Rotary Club sponsors blood tests

The Montoursville Rotary Club once again will sponsor its 36th annual blood testing 6 to 10 a.m., June 21 and 28 at the Montoursville Area High School cafeteria.

This year’s event also will include a health and wellness fair.

The tests provide individuals and their family physicians with valuable information about possible existing conditions and make possible the early diagnosis and treatment of any medical problems revealed by blood analysis.

“This blood screening is open to the public and to all ages. It is especially beneficial to those who are uninsured, underinsured or those who have high deductibles with their insurance policies. We encourage everyone to consider taking advantage of these low cost blood tests to help maintain their personal good health,” said event Chairman Phil Buehrer.

The full AMBA [Annual Multiphasic Blood Analysis] blood panel consists of tests for coronary disease, diabetes, anemia, kidney disease, liver disease, calcium, magnesium, chloride, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium levels. The cost is less than $40 for the full AMBA panel of 33 tests.

Individuals taking the tests are required to fast, not eating any food or consuming beverages other than water, for 13 hours prior to their scheduled appointment for the tests.

Also available at additional costs are five specialized tests. AMBA requires that a separate physician order must be presented for any of the optional tests which include:

Prostate specific antigen [PSA}

Vitamin D25 test

Thyroid function TSH test

Hemoglobin A1C test [diabetes]

Insure colon rectal kit for colon cancer detection.

Individuals requesting the colon kit should be sure to have their physician specify the “insure Colon Rectal Kit” on the physician order form.

To make an appointment, call 1-800-234-8888.