Susquehanna Health physicians teach West Branch School students about the heart

Kindergarten through second grade students from the West Branch School recently visited Williamsport Regional Medical Center to learn about the human heart.

Dr. Michael Lazar, cardiothoracic surgeon and medical director of the Susquehanna Health Heart & Vascular Institute; Seth Kinley, manager of Susquehanna Health Sports Medicine; and Dr. Edward Gusick, sports medicine physician, talked to the students about the effects of activity on the heart, how the organ works and how Susquehanna Health helps people with heart problems.

The students had been studying about the heart in their classes, and their teachers reached out to Susquehanna Health to help them to be able to apply what they were learning in the classroom to real life.

“I love it when children are excited about what they have learned,” Gusick said. “I enjoy it when I can ask the group a question and you can see a child’s face light up as they raise their hands or jump from their seats to offer an answer. Education is a very important tool for helping children to live healthy lives.”

Students not only learned about the heart, how to stay healthy and the benefits of exercise, but they also got to pretend to be surgeons by trying on scrub caps, surgical masks, magnifying surgical glasses and watching video from real life surgeries performed by Lazar.

Lazar also spoke to the students about the dangers of smoking, making unhealthy food choices and other unhealthy behaviors that can lead to heart and other health problems as they get older.