Dominion donates $150,000 to hospital

WELLSBORO – Recently Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital received a $150,000 donation from Dominion Transmission through the Dominion Foundation toward the hospital’s multi-million dollar expansion project.

The two-story addition is the largest in the hospital’s 70-year history, housing a new emergency department, same-day surgery unit and paramedic garage.

The new design is streamlined efficiency at every turn, including the wait time between arrival and the onset of patient care. A key element in streamlining a patient’s arrival is the triage area, which Dominion Transmission elected to sponsor with its donation.

“Dominion is proud to support the expansion project and the new triage room, which will reduce the wait time for patients who depend on the hospital for their care,” said David Lamphier, manager, gas transmission operations, northern area. “This addition will strengthen Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital’s solid reputation for providing quality patient care while meeting the community’s growing medical needs.”

“Triage is a process of sorting patients according to the urgency of their need for care,” Janie Hilfiger, hospital president , explained. “When there is a large volume of patients, this ensures the patients with the most serious conditions are treated first.”

To increase speed and efficiency in triaging patients, a triage area was designated just off the waiting room.

This allows staff to quickly evaluate patients as they arrive and centrally record the cause of the emergency, their condition and vital signs.

Once condition severity is determined, patients are escorted directly into the ED if beds are available or returned to the waiting room temporarily if their condition permits. In cases of patient overflow, the fully equipped triage area can also be converted into regular emergency rooms.

“Our ultimate goal is to get patients into treatment as soon as possible, and a dedicated triage room plays a vital role in that process. We are thrilled Dominion has decided to donate toward the cost of this important area,” Hilfiger said.