Jersey Shore Hospital hires speech therapist

Brittany Brooks has taken on the role as Jersey Shore Hospital’s full-time speech language pathologist.

The full-time service now provides more convenient scheduling for patients and allows for more patient care within the speech therapy department.

Brooks, originally from the Jersey Shore area, graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2011 with a masters degree in speech pathology and a bachelor of science degree in audiology and speech pathology. Before joining Jersey Shore Hospital she began her career as a speech language pathologist in the Philadelphia area.

Her work at Jersey Shore Hospital now provides one-on-one services for patients of all ages.

When swallowing is difficult for a patient, Brooks can also use modified barium swallow studies to diagnose and develop treatment plans for swallow disorders.

The goal of Brooks’ treatment is to provide both immediate short-term care and long-term assistance to patients struggling with various diagnoses, injuries, or speech barriers.

By developing an individualized plan of care, Brooks will optimize each patient’s overall progress.

“I am excited to be back in my hometown,” said Brooks. “I have received a remarkably warm welcome and look forward to treating the patients of this community.”

Jersey Shore Hospital offers speech therapy for a wide range of disabilities/disorders in all ages and populations. Brittany Brooks is seeing patients Monday through Friday at Jersey Shore Hospital located on 1020 Thompson St., Jersey Shore.

Call 570-398-3111 to set up an appointment.