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Bank employees embrace wellness plan in workplace


MUNCY — Karen Brandis was intrigued and excited after learning that a yoga and nutrition program was being offered to Muncy Bank & Trust employees.

“It sounded like if might fit into a wellness plan,” Brandis, the bank’s corporate secretary and human resources officer, said. “Right away, we had 13 people sign up.”

On Wednesdays at the bank in downtown Muncy, Brandis and her working colleagues stretch and move their bodies to yoga led by Trudy Fritts, of Barefoot Yoga Studio in Montoursville.

They also receive nutrition counseling from Rose Trevouledes, a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

Before each session, participants in the program undergo a weigh-in to track week-to-week progress.

MIKE REUTHER/Sun-Gazette Kelli Smith, left, is shown with Rose Trevouledes, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, prior to a yoga session at Muncy Bank & Trust. More than a dozen bank employees are taking part in the six week wellness plan.

Trevouledes noted there’s something to be said about a healthy workforce.

Healthier employees can mean less sick days

and an overall more productive work force.

That can translate to reduced costs for the company.

“What we want to do is make them healthier,” she said.

The combination yoga/nutrition plan not only addresses weight issues, it also helps with stress management.

The program lasts just six weeks, but Trevouledes said the hope is that many of the participants will continue to include yoga and healthier eating in their lives.

She has them follow a meal plan that includes reducing sugar intake, lessening portion sizes, increasing fiber and eating more healthy fats.

“I bring in healthy foods,” she said.

Fritts said her yoga is of a gentle nature that allows participants to go at their own pace.

“It makes them feel comfortable,” she said.

Brandis noted that bank management is on board with the program, which is open to employees from the different bank branches.

“I think it’s great that they are willing to offer this to employees,” said Kelli Smith, a bank employee. “We sit at a desk all day.”

Trevouledes noted that a wellness program of this type is beneficial to those who have some health issues.

But it helps all participants.

“This is a lot about prevention,” she said.

She thinks the group setting especially helps promote support and camaraderie.

“They are working toward a similar goal,” she said.