Outward Bound

Miya Stretch waterproof jacket

The Miya Stretch waterproof jacket by Craghoppers World Travel Clothing is a lightweight, full-stretch jacket.

It has waterproof, zipped pockets and uses an AquaDry membrane to keep the wearer dry in the heaviest of downpours, without trapping body moisture inside.

AquaDry membrane is a laminated fabric that fuses a waterproof, breathable membrane to a durable outer fabric, making a strong and comfortable garment.

Other features of the jacket include a zip-off hood with toggle adjusters to the front and back, one waterproof zip pocket on the chest, two waterproof zip pockets for hands and two zipped inside pockets for extra storage, as well as adjustable cuffs for a more comfortable fit.

The jacket is very comfortable and extremely lightweight – a great pick for cool spring or fall days on hikes, rainy days or everyday use.

It is available in black and bright turquoise in women’s sizes 8 through 20 and retails for $140 on craghoppers.com.

Reviewer: Julie Reppert

Coghlan emergency items

There isn’t anything wrong with “being ready” and having everything that could be needed for an emergency, whatever that “emergency” might be.

Coghlan, an outdoor accessory provider, has many products for various situations. Among them are:

The Survival Horn, $3 – This brightly colored device can be carried by day hikers or those heading out for long distances. Its purpose is to attract attention if someone gets lost.

The horn is easy to use – you just blow into its side. The noise produced can be up to the 120-decibel level, which is equal to the sound of an ambulance siren.

“SOS” is printed on the side and it has a lanyard, so you can hang it from your neck.

The Survival Poncho, $6 – This protective jacket looks like it is made of tin foil, but it has a much better purpose. Day hikers or long-distance travelers will find it is lightweight to pack.

It works well to keep a person’s body heat in and the cold out. The poncho is made from a composite layering of polyethylene and metalized aluminum, according to the company, and its features include a hood and reinforced seams that allow maximum mobility.

I like these products. They are priced fairly and are of good quality. They are small and compact and can be packed away in any day pack, hiking bag, boat, kayak or canoe.

Various retailers, such as Dicks Sporting Goods, carry Coghlan products.

For more information and other products, visit the company website, www.coghlans.com.

Reviewer: Jessica Welshans