Pelican ProGear S130 Backpack delivers a great bang for the bucks

The outdoors and technology have merged. They go hand-in-hand these days. If they didn’t, how would outdoor journalists like me be able to bring you information from the field, or photos and video, too?

But the good ol’ outdoors usually do not like, nor get along with, technical gadgets.

Pelican ProGear has taken a step in helping people who carry around precious (and expensive) cargo keep it safe.

The Pelican ProGear S130 Backpack is crushproof, watertight, extreme temperature tested and dustproof – just what your camera or laptop has been asking for.

The backpack’s rear compartment, behind the straps, is a crushproof-watertight case that can hold up to a 15-inch ultrabooks. It mimics a laptop case attached to the backpack.

A top compartment, which is commonly called a top-loader in backpack or hiking packs, clips and unclips, is quite large and offers a lot of room. It has various small compartments inside for smaller things such as pens, camera cards, keys, etc.

The bottom section has a removable divider that fits my lenses for my SLR digital camera and the camera itself. The dividers have velcro straps and can be changed to the design of one’s desire.

It fits like a hiking pack, with comfortable, padded shoulder straps, a lumber support pad and a chest clip with a removable hip belt.

The bottom of the pack even has expandable storage, with small compressive storage compartments on the side – perfect for a bottle of water or allowing for a fast grab of a longer lens.

I love everything about this pack. The storage is perfect.

I find it to be a bit bulky and it can get a tad heavy. I wouldn’t recommend one-strap usage because of its shape.

Although, once on, it does form-fit to the body and provides a lot of comfort.

This thing can take a lot of wear-and-tear and keep on protecting my stuff.

I haven’t tested the water tightness, I didn’t really have any intentions on diving out of my kayak and getting soaked. But, I wouldn’t have a doubt it does probably work.

It did sit out in a small rainstorm while I cast some lines on the dock of the St. Lawrence River. Everything in it stayed nice and dry.

The Pelican Elite Laptop and Camera backpack retails for $304.95. It and other models can be found online at