3 ‘Bone Collector’ stars to stop at archery range

ALLENWOOD – The 2013 Brotherhood of the Bone Collector tour bus started rolling July 8, taking famed outdoor show personalities Michael Waddell, Travis “T-Bone” Turner and Nick Mundt across the Midwest to meet fans and hunters gearing up for the season opener.

As part of the tour, the three Outdoor Channel stars will roll into Drop Tine Archery, 14325 Route 44, from 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday to meet with some of their East Coast fans.

“This is something they started to do last year. They did some of the southern states,” said Renee Earnest, co-owner of the archery shop and range. “This year they wanted to do some of the northeast.”

Drop Tine Archery is the only shop in northeast Pennsylvania where the tour bus will stop.

Co-owners Renee and her husband, Nate, plus Dave Strayer, said they expect those who stop by will have a really great day.

“They (the ‘Bone Collector’ stars) want to support the area, and Pennsylvania has so many hunters that I think they are starting to hunt more in our area,” Renee said.

It helps that Drop Tine Archery has had all three men visit in the past. On Aug. 1, the shop celebrated its 2-year anniversary.

Nate and Renee said that before they owned a shop, they met the three stars at tradeshows, and Nate and Strayer have hunted with them.

“I got to hunt with him. He is a phenomenal turkey caller. It’s a joy to sit and listen to him,” Nate said. “He called a bird into me at 7 yards, right off the roost.”

Those who attend the public stop will get to the see the Bone Collector tour bus. Representatives from Hoyt and Out-Tech also will be on hand.

“They will get to meet all three one-on-one. They will answer questions and show their products,” Renee said.

Strayer said it is a great opportunity for the shop to have all three of the crew coming.

“They all have their own style and personalities and to be able to see them all together is great for persons who see them on TV and just want to be able to meet them and see what they are like in person,” he said.

Strayer said events like this one give the shop a chance to set itself apart.

“We are trying to do things that are memorable so that people think of us for their outdoor needs. We endeavor to keep our ideas fresh and new and supply the customer with something they enjoy as well,” he said.

They recently held a broadhead testing event and a customer appreciation day showing performance testing.

“We have found this group of guys to be very friendly and fun to be around. They all spent a lot of time with our customers the last time they were here, just hanging out, walking around the shop, telling stories, having a good time,” Strayer said.

Also, the shop will have a few giveaways that day.

“They just want to show everyone they are normal, everyday people like us. And, I think, Pennsylvanians can relate to that,” Renee said.