Sunbury outfitters give ghost hunting a new twist — on the water

SUNBURY – The banks of the Susquehanna River are loaded with history and natural beauty.

Angela Troutman, owner of Lake Augusta Outfitters in Shikellamy State Park, decided to share some of that history from an unusual spot – her pontoon boat.

Through October, she will captain her pontoon boat for tours called “Haunted Tales and Legends of the Susquehanna River.”

Space is limited, though, to just eight people per tour. Registration is first come, first served.

Tours, which cost $20 per person, will be held at 8 p.m. this Tuesday and Sept. 3, Sept. 17 and Oct. 1.

To reserve a seat, call 286-2148.

Victoria Rosancrans, of Spirit Reachers, will join Troutman and give tour takers some legends and tales of the river.

Troutman attended one of Rosancrans’ seminars and thought it would be a good idea to merge the two, making for an interesting adventure.

Troutman said Rosancrans will talk about haunted tales and legends of the Hotel Edison, the Blue Hill Hermit and the underground tunnels that were part of the Underground Railroad, among others.

The two have added another twist to the tour to make it interactive.

“We are going to go to different spots and she will have a whole bunch of her gadgets and tools. We are going to see if we can pick up energies.” Troutman said.

One of those spots will be near the historical society where Chief Shikellamy is buried.

“We will go right up to the bank,” Troutman said.

Equipment Rosancrans will have includes a “spirit box, ovulis and mel meter.”

The tours are projected to last about an hour and likely will start and end in the dark.

Troutman also started an event called Summer River Historical Tours of the area along the water. She invited Dr. Katherine Faull, professor of German and humanities at Bucknell University, to come and along and share what she knows of the rich history of the area.

Faull discussed Native American life, Chief Shikellamy and stories of the Moravian missionaries who settled there in the 1700s.

Lake Augusta Outfitters also rents jet skis, pontoon boats, kayaks and bikes, Troutman said. Water, gas, snacks, ice cream, bagged ice and supplies for fishing, boating and camping are sold there. She said she also has a towing service for disabled boats.