Coghlan’s Dry Pouch keeps items dry, visible

“Please tell me you have that in a dry bag,” is not a question you want to have to ask – or answer – after a kayak flips and everything is soaked.

Dry bags work great for your clothes, but what about your electronics?

Most people carry a digital camera or smartphone with them all the time, even when they’re planning to be on board a boat of any size.

Coghlan’s can help. The company has a variety of dry pouches that are made to protect electronics: Dry Pouch 4×6, Dry Pouch 6x8x2 and Dry Pouch 9×12.

The 4×6 is designed for a smartphone; the 6x8x2, a handheld digital camera; and the 9×12, a tablet.

The dry pouches come with a unique locking system on top. A hard plastic top has two locks on it that, when turned, move tightly against the bag.

Pouches also can protect from sand, dirt and dust, so you don’t have to be out on the water necessarily to use them.

The clear pouches allow you to take photos by never taking the camera out, or texting or updating your status right through the bag.

They include a neck strap and clip.

To ensure your product is working, the company suggests a submersion test to make sure it is properly sealed.

These float, too. I don’t believe these have to be limited to your electronics. Keep your keys, wallet and boat registration in them. If it fits, it will stay dry.

The Coghlan’s Dry Pouch retails for around $9.99 and can be found at Dick’s Sporting Goods or online at the company website,