Outward Bound

It’s pretty easy to just lay something down and forget it. Life is hectic and everyone has so much equipment that it’s sometimes difficult to remember where they put it or left it.

You might have a tablet, digital camera, phone, outdoor equipment such as a tackle box, headlamps, handheld GPS or a piece of hiking equipment – even a pet. Whatever the item, a new product allows you to use the power of the QR code to help you get them back if they become lost.

FinderCodes are attached or placed on items you don’t want to lose. Once attached, they can be registered with your information via computer or smartphone or an Internet-enabled mobile device

You register your item with the tag’s code, information about the item, such as a reward, if you want to offer one, and whether you want contact information such as a phone number to be shown to the person who finds the item.

I attached one of my tags, with the unique QR code, to my raincoat, which I take with me whenever I’m out. I used the iron-on tags and attached one to the inner lining. It stayed on and was easy to do.

There are three ways you can attach FinderCodes: plastic tags with rings, adhesive tags and the iron-on.

Now if anyone finds my coat – and, hopefully, they are a good samaritan – they will scan the QR code or go online to and type in the code.

The tag will direct the finder to contact the owner.

Once an item is scanned in, then the owner is notified, and the finder can contact the owner.

The best thing is, I know someone found my item, so that provides some relief.

The company points out that FinderCodes never become outdated, even if you change phones or move. They move with you as long as they are on the item.

There are various kits, including ones for electronics, home, kid stuff, pet pwner, school stuff, travel and baby things.

My home kit included seven tags to use.

The difference in the kits is various types of tags. For instance, the travel kit has a variety of adhesive tags, whereas the kids kit includes adhesive tags that apply to clothing and last about 50 washes.

FinderCodes retail for about $24.99. Check the website for stores or to purchase online –