Outward Bound

The name Zippo is synonymous with lighters. Now, a new line called Zippo Outdoor takes the company’s “Made in America” products to outdoor enthusiasts.

Did you know that Zippo’s manufacturing plant is in Bradford, Pa.? Go Pa.!

Here are some of the products in the Zippo Outdoor line:

4-in-1 Woodsman, $89.95 – Like a good axe? Bow saw? Mallet? Yeah, Zippo Outdoor has taken all of these and combined them, plus added a stake puller, and made the 4-in-1 Woodsman. The steel, 5-inch blade hatchet chops wood well and is built strong. Its covering comes off, but leave it on to attach one of the two 15-inch bow saw blades kept inside the handle. The stake puller dispatches easily from the bottom. The total length is 20 inches. It is lightweight and we found it very handy.

Utensil Tree, $49.95 – This tree eliminates trying to find a place to put utensils while cooking by the fire. The base can be filled with water or sand to keep it steady and still. We didn’t fill with anything for the convenience of using it in and out of the camper. Two prongs at the end of the metal shaft can be stuck into the ground for no-base use. A three-prong utensil hook is adjustable up and down and can hold tongs, flippers or something with a small hanger at the end. It keeps everything from touching the group. At the top, a tray gives you a place to put your lighter, seasonings, ketchup and beverages. The tray even has drainage holes to handle spills or if you leave the tree out in the rain. It comes with its own storage bag, but the base does not fit inside the bag.

Emergency Fire Starter, $9.95 – Encased in what resembles a big, orange, Zippo lighter, the emergency fire starter kit includes four water-resistant, waxed tinder sticks. Also inside is a flint-wheel lighter. The system is easy to use. Take out a tinder stick, pull it apart, then use the flint wheel to light it. Voila, you have fire! The lid seals tightly to keep the contents dry.

Campfire Carrier, $24.95 – Carrying firewood is pretty easy, but it’s made easier and cleaner by using the Zippo Outdoor Campfire Carrier. Made from what is called ballistic nylon, it acts like a sling so you can load up firewood, grab the handle and carry it wherever. It’s well built and, so far, has held up. The carrier is about 22 inches by 36 inches and features an exterior pocket. The handle is wrapped in plastic so it doesn’t slice your hand.

All products are available for purchase at Zippo.com. Check for availability at retailers such as Bass Pro Shop.

Check out the Zippo/Case Museum in Bradford. It’s famous for the 40-foot Zippo lighter – with a neon flame – at the entrance and a huge Case three-blade pocket knife.