Outward Bound

Headlamps are a staple for any kind of sportsman or woman, or even just for an outdoorsy-type person. They also benefit mechanics, machinists, farmers – the list goes on.

Our whole family has them. What’s so special about headlamps??That’s easy – they provide hands-free and, sometimes, better lighting than a handheld flashlight.

The Pelican ProGear 2720 LED Headlight is the nicest headlamp I have owned to date.

My favorite feature is the gesture activation control.

Press the motion sensor control button to activate this feature. When you want to use it, you just wave your hand or arm in front and the the light pops on. When you’re done, wave over it again and it’s off.

So, if you have got your hands full or dirty, no biggie.

Click through the power button and you’ll see it offers a white light, which is LED.

The low-level red light feature offers two LED bulbs, which stay on steady – predator hunters or earthworm finders, you will like this feature – and the red LEDs will blink in the Morse code for those who need an SOS.

The lamp is surprisingly lightweight and doesn’t become unbalanced if you are taking advantage of options to move the light to its 90-degree position.

It operates at 80 lumens and shines about 187 feet on high and 5 lumens and 16 feet on low settings.

The beam from the headlamp can go to optical four times magnification, making your field of vision much wider and brighter.

It operates on three AAA batteries.

The Pelican ProGear 2720 LED Headlight is available at www.pelican.com for $50.95.