Game Commission field officers report on outdoor happenings

Field officers for the state Game Commission’s Northcentral region filed the following reports on July 3, according to the agency’s website:

Wildlife Conservation Officer Patrick Cull, of Tioga County, recently cited an individual for possessing live wildlife.

  • Cull and another Game Commission officer cited a group of individuals for marijuana possession.
  • WCO Dirk Remensnyder reports many people seeing and commenting on a few different pairs of bald eagles that reside in the area and are prevalent almost everyday.

WCO Robert Minnich reports that June was another busy month with monitoring eagle nests, bear complaints and trapping, training the new cadet class, the Arnot Sportsmen’s Club meeting, firearms qualifications and the Pennsylvania State Laurel Festival. Now a little time for R&R – he’s putting a sign out: Gone fishing, literally.

  • Minnich reports that for the first time since he graduated the Ross Leffler School of Conservation, he did not have a bear of his own to bring to the bear training day for the new cadet class. “Fortunately, my neighboring officers in Bradford County had a bear for me to take. The two cadets I worked with did a good job, and the bear was an excellent patient.”
  • Clearfield County WCO Mark Gritzer reports that the continuous rainfall during the month of June delayed hayfield mowing operations in the district. Many farmers in the area are just starting to cut their first crop of hay, thus providing an adequate amount of security cover for newborn fawns and other wildlife species.

Gritzer reports a bear trap was vandalized in the Pottersdale area. The trap was set to target a mange bear and the unnecessary behavior resulted in the trap being removed from the location. Anybody with information should call the region office at 570-398-4744.

  • Gritzer and Clearfield County WCO Chris Ivicic served an arrest warrant on a Woodland resident for failure to respond to two different citations. The individual was taken into custody off a timber job site in Houtzdale and was surprised by the officers’ presence. The defendant pleaded guilty to the charges and paid the necessary collateral assessed by District Judge Jerome Nevling in Kylertown. Violators should be warned that failure to respond to a citation automatically revokes your hunting privileges.
  • Gritzer reports that hunting licenses for the 2014-15 hunting season became valid July 1.
  • Unlawful ATV use continues to be a problem in McKean County, reports WCO Tom Sabolcik. Several citations were issued, along with several warnings for ATV use on State Game Lands 61 and on forest game cooperator lands.
  • Sabolcik recently turned over information to the state Fish and Boat Commission concerning several Ohio residents fishing without first obtaining a Pennsylvania fishing license. Several others were warned and two more were warned for not having personal flotation devices in a boat they were operating.
  • Sabolcik reports that bears still are occupying a large amount of his time. A sow with three cubs recently was captured at the Hemlock campground of Willow Bay and another male was caught just north of Eldred.
  • Tioga County WCO Rodney Mee reports that he received numerous reports of a bear that decided it wanted to be involved with Wellsboro’s Pennsylvania State Laurel Festival. The bear was seen in several locations downtown during the day when the festival was at its peak. Apparently, it wanted to see what the 20,000 visitors were doing in town. Mee reports that it likely was a juvenile bear that recently was run off by its mother.
  • Mee reports that he and WCO Patrick Cull came upon one adult and three juveniles in possession of drug paraphernalia. Mee charged the adult with corruption of minors and several drug charges. The juveniles were charged through the juvenile court system for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Northeast Field Officer Report: July 18

Pike and Monroe counties WCO Mark Kropa reports that he and WCO Kirk Miller are investigating seven ATVs that were being operated illegally on State Game Lands 180 in Blooming Grove Township.

  • Kropa reports that he is investigating damage done to gates, damage done to planted fields, and littering violations on State Game Lands 180 in Blooming Grove and Dingman townships.
  • Wayne County WCO Frank J. Dooley reports there is an open investigation into the unlawful killing of a 435-pound black bear in closed season. Dooley reports that he interviewed a suspect and charges will be filed.
  • Northumberland County WCO Jason Kelley is investigating several dumping cases that occurred on state game lands in his district.
  • Pike County WCO Kirk Miller reports an individual pleaded guilty to unlawfully killing a turkey during the spring gobbler season. The man admitted to using his .22 magnum revolver to kill the bird. Charges for the violation totaled more than $500.
  • Bradford County WCO Jeffery Oleniacz reports a Towanda man who was cited for consuming alcohol on State Game Lands 289 in April failed to respond to a citation and Oleniacz served him with an arrest warrant. He was delivered to the judge and ordered to pay nearly $280 in fines and costs.
  • Wyoming County WCO Victor Rosa reports that an individual was arrested following an investigation for unlawfully killing a white-tailed deer in closed season. When asked why he killed the deer the defendant said that “he wanted to have a barbecue with his friends.”

Southcentral Field Officer Report: July 18

  • Adams County WCO Darren David reports that three teenage, or young adult, males were seen taking part in the killing of a beaver in early June. According to several witnesses fishing along a stream in close proximity to the three, one of the suspects bludgeoned the beaver to death with a log while the others assisted and then carried off the carcass.

Although there are leads in the case, anyone with information is urged to contact the Game Commission’s Southcentral Region headquarters.