2 clubs will hold a NRA pistol course

Two area sportsman’s clubs will offer the NRA Basic Pistol Course this year.

Classes will be held from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 6 and Sept. 9 at Nessmuk Rod and Gun Club, 4646 Route 287 in Wellsboro, and on May 20 and Sept. 16 at Lambs Creek Sportsman’s Club, 339 Sportsman’s Club Road in Mansfield.

The course is given in two phases. Phase 1 is a fundamentals course taken online and is required before taking Phase 2, which is a hands-on practical course.

In addition to the importance of sound basic instruction, the course can be a fundamental first step in obtaining certification for a concealed carry permit in some states.

In Phase 1, participants will learn pistol safety, types, ammunition and care. They also will review the fundamentals of pistol shooting, including stance, positions and common shooting errors.

The online program takes about eight hours to complete; however, it allows registrants to work at their own pace and learn from the comfort of their own home.

After successful completion of Phase 1, participants may enroll in Phase 2, which is the practical shooting portion of the course.

Education continues with the fundamentals of firearm and range safety; then moves to new material including the five fundamentals of pistol shooting, styles of grip, safe loading and unloading, stance and target acquisition.

The culmination of the course includes shooting qualifications and shooting five rounds inside a 4-inch red circle at 10 feet from bench rest and standing positions.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own pistols; however, loaners are available. Beyond the requirement that they be in good working order, there are no restrictions on the style of pistol participants may bring. Eye and ear protection will be provided for those who do not have their own.

The course is open to the general public, and new shooters are encouraged to attend. No experience is necessary and the minimum age is 16.

The course covers everything that a person will need to know to learn about their firearm as well as good handling and shooting skills. Safety will be priority one and will be taught first and foremost.

The class will be limited to 10 to 12 students per class depending on location.

A fee must be paid to lead instructor Marilyn Jones prior to taking the Phase 2 class.

For additional information and complete details on the online enrollment process and requirements, call Jones at 570-549-2794 or email jones_mk@yahoo.com.