Pipeline co. can seize property

CONESTOGA (AP) — A federal judge in Pennsylvania says authorities can condemn and seize property in order to make way for the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline.

U.S. Eastern District Court Judge Jeffrey Schmehl has issued an order that gave Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company the right to condemn and seize Jeffery and Kim Kahn’s property in Conestoga Township. The company can now obtain temporary and permanent rights of way for the pipeline.

This is the first eminent domain order against 30 Lancaster County homeowners who have refused to sell their land for the pipeline.

Of the remaining 30 cases, 16 have been settled and 12 are still in court.

Among them is a group of nuns who built a chapel on the proposed pipeline easement. The Adorers of the Blood of Christ also sued the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission over the pipeline.