The Obituary of Used 2


He was born in the 50s of third- and fourth-generation immigrants. They were sponsored by relatives and family to immigrate to the United States. They had to have a place to live and a job waiting. Used 2 was raised by parents, grandparents and many aunts and uncles. Used 2’s mother knew of ...

Swimming pool openings, city day camp squelched by virus

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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to the city swimming pool and its summer day camp programs opening. Other community swimming pools are evaluating whether they can reopen under guidelines set forth by Gov. Tom Wolf and the state Department of Health. In Williamsport, Mayor Derek Slaughter ...

Here we go again


A girl got hit on Washington Boulevard and neither she nor the driver is identified! Do we have the same district attorney involved? Who is the stupid one in this mess? Was the driver someone of authority? Was she on drugs, talking on her cell phone, just not paying attention? Was the ...

Virus continues to knock at Parking Authority coffers

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Williamsport Parking Authority has been without income generated by ticket enforcement and parking deck use for two months now due to the COVID-19 mandate by the state to reduce the spread of the deadly virus, said David Kish, authority operations manager. The authority met Wednesday to go ...

Appreciation for May 8 edition


Thank you for your May 8 edition. The Op-Ed piece from Judge Andrew Napolitano, “Do we still have a Constitution?,” on the Editorial page reflects my feelings about the overreach by Gov. Tom Wolf. The front page article, “Is yellow mellow?,” lists the “Open” and “Closed” ...

City stores reopening as yellow phase continues

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The city remains in the yellow caution stage amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but that didn’t stop Jana Mussina of Montoursville from dropping by a downtown merchant on a birthday gift run Wednesday. After being on a lockdown due to state mandate to slow the spread of the virus, Mussina was ...

Man accused of killing neighbor’s cows

Police Fire and Court

UNITYVILLE — Criminal charges have been filed against a Jordan Township man accused of allegedly taking two of his neighbor’s cows, one of whom was found dead and another with a wound to its neck, according to state Trooper Anthony Mazzone. Gary Colatosti, 60, of 145 S. Woods Road, has ...

Too greedy


Is it true? Did we sell or (stupidly) give to China medical supplies in view of the COVID-19? Years ago, I wrote about our renting warehouses in California to the Chinese. Those people do not like us and never have. Since I wrote to the president at the time and was told that we’d been ...

Socially distance your dogs


As the Postal Service continues to provide an essential service during the current crisis, we want to make sure our carriers are safe and out of harm’s way while making their appointed rounds. To ensure mail carriers’ safety, dog owners must securely lock their dog in another room until a ...



Seeing on the news today, May 9, I was relieved to see the men who murdered this poor young man, Ahmaud Arbery, were finally arrested. This poor soul obviously had nothing to hide or he would not have been jogging toward his death. I do not care that this person was in law enforcement. That ...

Williamsport Area School District aims to avoid tax increase

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Stressing that the proposed final budget for the upcoming fiscal year does not reflect an increase in real estate taxes, Wanda Erb, business administrator for the Williamsport Area School District, told the district board that the budget does include a deficit of about $2,179,086 which will be ...

The top 10 percent and 1 percent


What do the very wealthy and super-rich want? They want the federal government to fund a strong national defense to protect their financial interests (oil and other) around the world, even if it increases the national debt for others to pay in the future. They also want the federal government ...

Cochran Primary principal to assume same duties for Jackson Primary

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Kirk Felix, the principal at Cochran Primary School will assume the duties of principal at Jackson Primary School for the upcoming school year. Dr. Timothy S. Bowers, superintendent at Williamsport Area School District, made the announcement at the district board meeting held via ZOOM ...

Support for President Trump


There are millions of people who love Mr. Donald Trump, our president. I’m one of them. He has done so much for our country. Have a good day! Donna Lambert Williamsport

What it means here: No Free Enterprise Week in 2020

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No Free Enterprise Week in 2020 The statewide board of directors of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education, which presents Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, voted in to cancel Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week 2020 this summer. “With more than 2,000 students, 150 volunteers and 30 ...