Man allegedly beats woman after fight

ELKLAND – Shawn W. Bock, of 9571 Route 49, Elkland, was charged by state police with simple assault and harassment after he allegedly beat up a woman.

According to documents filed at District Judge Brian Edgcomb’s office, Bock and Crystal Camobra began arguing in a vehicle Jan. 5 when it broke down on Route 49, and Bock began hitting her.

Police said Camobra got out of the car and walked to her residence at 9633 Route 49, Nelson.

Bock allegedly followed her in a car driven by his roommate, Monica Bliss, and again went into her room where she was with her 4-year-old child and started throwing TVs and other objects around the room, then proceeded to beat her.

Bliss attempted to pull him off of her, police said, and the two of them left the residence.

Bock was issued a summons for a Feb. 14 preliminary hearing.