Alleged heroin-related offenders waive hearings

Two Clinton County residents waived their preliminary hearings on heroin-related offenses to Lycoming County Court.

Michael S. Seybold, 33, of McElhattan, and Jessica Lynne Williams, 32, of Mill Hall, were in a car parked outside a business along Route 15 in South Williamsport on Sept. 29. When the vehicle was searched Oct. 1, it was found to have drug paraphernalia inside, according to an affidavit by South Williamsport Patrolman William Macinnis.

The officer said he saw the parked car and noticed one of the occupants with a needle between his lips. The man, later identified as Seybold, told the officer the object was a pen cap. When asked what was on the floor of the car, the officer was told it was an Exacto knife.

The pair allegedly told Macinnis they had stopped the vehicle to “use the phone.”

Seybold has been charged with possession of an unopened packet of heroin, empty packets that contained heroin, a hypodermic needle and a spoon used to deliver heroin into his system, police said.

Williams was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, namely packaging materials, needles and spoons, police said.

Each posted a $2,500 bond and they are awaiting their court appearances.