Man charged with drug possession

WELLSBORO – Robert E. Davis Jr., 26, of 117 Hills Creek Drive, Wellsboro, was charged by state police with manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance; possession of a controlled substance and use and possession of drug paraphernalia after police allegedly found him with heroin in his car.

According to documents filed at District Judge Rob Repard’s office, police were dispatched to the intersection of Morral and Balsalm roads in Delmar Township Jan. 28 for report of a suspicious vehicle parked at an intersection with its headlights on for about 40 minutes.

Police said they found Davis sitting in his car, and he appeared confused.

Police said they saw four fentanyl patches on the dashboard and a clear plastic bag on the driver’s side floor. He had multiple marks on his right and left arm and a Band-Aid on right arm according to police.

Police said they recovered 20 blue bags of white power from the driver’s side floor, four Fentanyl patches with white powder residue in the center console, four clear plastic bags with red devil markings on the roadway next to driver’s side door and in a plastic bag on the floor were 28 small plastic bags with red devil markings containing a blue inner bag stamped “walker” and containing a white powdery substance rubber banded together.

They also allegedly found four needles, two metal spoons with a white residue and 25 blue bags stamped “walker” with white powder residue rubber banded together. Police said he also had an orange plastic straw containing a white powder residue in the small front right pocket of his pants.

During the blood draw at hospital, Davis allegedly said the powder was heroin and he had just started using it. He was issued a summons to appear at an April 2 preliminary hearing.