Man arrested in case of large heroin seizure

A Philadelphia man was brought back here last week to face numerous drug charges stemming from Old Lycoming Township police seizing one of the largest amounts of heroin in recent history in early December.

A car driven by Timothy Derick Eiland, 22, was stopped by township police Sgt. Detective Christopher Kriner on Interstate 180 near the Maynard Street interchange on the afternoon of Dec. 3 while Kriner and other officers were looking for a suspect in a bank robbery.

Two other men in the vehicle were David Emanuel Collins Jr., 23, and Anthony Allen, 21, both also of Philadelphia. There was a bench warrant for Collins’ arrest and he was taken into custody immediately.

The car was owned by Hertz Inc. and was to be returned days earlier to the rental company’s Philadelphia office.

Hertz asked police to impound the vehicle, which they did. Eiland and Allen were released.

The next day, after obtaining a search warrant, Kriner discovered more than a quarter pound of heroin, valued at $114,000, and $3,000 worth of cocaine inside the Chrysler 300. There also were two stolen loaded handguns in the car. Arrest warrants were filed for all three men.

Collins, who was held for court in January on all but one charge, remains incarcerated in lieu of $750,000.

Eiland was arrested in Philadelphia six days after the vehicle stop on Kriner’s charges as well as weapon violations filed by Philadelphia police.

Eiland was brought back here on Tuesday and jailed in lieu of $75,000 bail.

Allen remains at large.