City man guilty of gun, drug charges

Driving 80 mph on Memorial Avenue isn’t advisable.

Basil Garcia, 21, of Williamsport, took that unusual course of action on a Sunday morning last January when a city policeman ran his car’s plates, found it was stolen and started pursuing him.

Garcia ran stop signs – he accrued 23 summary charges of not obeying stop signs during the chase – and knocked into one road sign before hitting a tree, then running on foot before he was arrested.

Police found crack and a stolen handgun in the car, which later was linked to Garcia through DNA testing.

On Tuesday, a Lycoming County jury found Garcia guilty of possessing a stolen handgun, which, as a convicted felon, he wasn’t permitted to possess. He also was convicted on third-degree felony charges of receiving stolen property and fleeing a police officer.

Now in Lycoming County Prison, Garcia awaits trial on more firearms charges and a charge he accrued for simple assault and harassment when he and another inmate beat a third prisoner on Oct. 14.

Garcia will be sentenced for this set of charges in June. The firearms charge alone could get him a minimum of four years in state prison.