Jersey Shore sisters face shoplifting charges

A pair of Jersey Shore sisters face misdemeanor charges after allegedly stealing several hundred dollars worth of groceries from a local supermarket.

Jody Duet, 32, of 439 S. Main St., and Jamie Lynn McDermit, 33, of 437 Rear S. Main St., have been charged with one count of retail theft.

On April 12, Steven Haegele, manager of Weis Markets on Allegheny Street, reported shoplifting incidents to the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police.

Upon arriving at the scene, authorities met with Haegele and McDermit in the parking lot in front of the store. Haegele explained that McDermit had gone through the store’s self-checkout lane, where she scanned a few items before allegedly leaving the store with a cart full of stolen merchandise.

McDermit was able to provide authorities with a receipt for $5.67 worth of items. However, authorities discovered about $250 worth of groceries inside her van, according to court record.

Haegele then led officers to Jody Duet, who he had detained in his office. Duet, too, allegedly went through the self-checkout lane, scanned a few items and “just bagged the other items without scanning them,” according to reports.

Duet is alleged to have stolen about $330 worth of groceries, records state.

Both women allegedly confessed that they had planned to steal groceries from the market that day, according to court records.

They will face preliminary hearings before District Judge Jerry C. Lepley on May 15.